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Sic Transit Cycles: Your Trusted Bicycle Shop on Ann Arbor’s Northside

Ann Arbor cycling hub in Lower Town on the Northside. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

Ann Arbor cycling hub in Lower Town. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

Sic Transit Cycles, located just north of the Broadway bridge in Ann Arbor’s Lower Town neighborhood, has steadily grown since 2009. Sic Transit Cycles is one of the best shop for cyclists in Ann Arbor and serves the rapidly growing Northside community. The Lower Town neighborhood sees many new additions like Lowertown Bar and Cafe, the Beekman on Broadway apartments, and the new Broadway Park West development

Whether you’re in the market for a new bike, seeking bike fitting services, needing bike repairs, or looking for high-quality bike parts, Sic Transit Cycles has you covered. With a commitment to match internet pricing, you can trust them to provide the right parts at the best prices!

Sic Transit Cycles offers comprehensive bike repair services, specializing in urban cycling, commuting, touring, gravel bikes, and road riding. The experienced mechanic team excels in everything from minor brake and shifting adjustments to complete overhauls and custom wheel builds. The shop also sells a wide range of bikes, including new, reconditioned, electric bicycles, and many bike accessories.

The Sic Transit team believes that bicycles can positively change people’s lives and supports using bikes for all purposes, from recreation to transportation to sport. Customers can drop by the repair shop anytime for a free bike inspection and estimate. Visit the shop’s website for more information. 

The Evolution of Lower Town’s Cycling Haven

Though officially established in 2009, Sic Transit Cycles traces its roots back to 2006. The journey started when co-owners Joe Bollinger and Michael Firn launched a bike-buying and selling venture from a garage in Ann Arbor’s Old West Side. Eventually, constrained by limited space, they began a search for a more permanent and spacious workshop.

The co-owners discovered the space for their first shop during a bike ride through Ann Arbor’s Northside. On their ride, they noticed a vacant service garage next to the Rush Barber Shop. Spotting a 1978 Schwinn bicycle in the corner, they knew it was the space they had been searching for.

After multiple expansions, the service garage found its current home in the historic Anson Brown Building at 1001 Broadway Street in 2020. Conveniently adjacent to the retail showroom on 1002 Pontiac Trail, it occupies Ann Arbor’s oldest commercial building, dating back to 1832. 

Additionally, Sic Transit has partnered with FitMi! Studio, which offers exceptional bicycle fitting and sizing services within the Sic Transit repair shop. 

The Lower Town bike shop's interior. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

The Lower Town bike shop’s interior. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

Building Community Through Cycling Adventures

Sic Transit Cycles is not just a bike shop but a community hub hosting various cycling events. From The Sic Transit Fundo to Sub-24 Hour bike camping trips, these experiences are more than just rides – they’re opportunities to make friends and find a sense of community in Ann Arbor.

In the spring and fall, The Sic Transit Fundo offers a free 50-mile ride across Washtenaw County’s dirt roads and bike paths. Whether you prefer a brisk pace or a leisurely ride, the emphasis is on enjoyment. The route takes bikers through the scenic landscapes of Whitmore Lake and Dexter, ending with a celebration at the shop.

Throughout the year, Sic Transit Cycles organizes overnight camping trips to destinations like Pinckney and Brighton. Participants embark on a cycling adventure lasting less than 24 hours, adding excitement to their weekly routines. These excursions celebrate the essence of bike camping: camaraderie, leisurely exercise, time spent in nature, and evenings around the campfire.

Ann Arbor cycling community enjoys Sub-24 Hour bike camping. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

Sub-24-hour bike camping in Washtenaw County. Source: Sic Transit Cycles website.

Pedaling Progress: Ann Arbor’s Gold-Level Recognition

The Piper Partners team encourages local bike enthusiasts and those interested in cycling to take advantage of Ann Arbor’s increasingly bike-friendly infrastructure. In December 2021, The League of American Bicyclists recognized Ann Arbor as a gold-level bicycle-friendly community. This recognition acknowledges recent infrastructure improvements, with bike lanes expanding from 37.4 miles in 2012 to 90.1 miles in 2022.

In the summer of 2023, the Ann Arbor City Council greenlit a $2.8 million construction contract for a comprehensive project with an estimated total cost of $3.9 million. The initiative encompasses various streets on Ann Arbor’s Northside and incorporates the development of new bike lanes. The project entails street resurfacing, water and sewer enhancements, stormwater upgrades, and sidewalk and crosswalk ramp replacements. These enhancements in Lower Town play a crucial role in expanding the city’s bike lanes and improving overall bike infrastructure.

New bike lanes on Pontiac Trail.

New bike lanes on Pontiac Trail. Source: Sic Transit Instagram.

Ann Arbor: A Bikeable City

Ann Arbor proudly stands as a bikeable city with its extensive network of bike lanes and vibrant cycling culture. The city’s commitment to sustainability and a healthy lifestyle is evident in its bicycle-friendly infrastructure. From the scenic Huron River to the bustling streets of downtown, cyclists can easily navigate the city. Whether commuting, running errands, or enjoying recreational rides, biking in Ann Arbor will keep you active. Additionally, biking will help you stay connected with the city’s community and nature.

Ready to explore Ann Arbor as a biking haven? Head to Sic Transit Cycles to be part of the two-wheeled revolution!

Join Ann Arbor's cycling community and register for a bike camping trip! Source: Sic Cycle Transit website.

Join in the fun and register for a cycling event! Source: Sic Cycle Transit website.

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