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Lowertown Bar and Cafe Fosters Community in Ann Arbor’s Northside

Image of bright cafe interior with cafe counter and barista at Ann Arbor's Northside neighborhood hangout, courtesy of the Lowertown Bar & Cafe website.

Ann Arbor’s Northside neighborhood hangout. Source: Lowertown Bar & Cafe website.

Ann Arbor’s Northside welcomed the highly anticipated Lowertown Bar and Cafe to the neighborhood on November 28th, 2023. Located on Broadway St., in the Lower Town neighborhood, this cafe and bar has quickly become a central hub. It draws in residents of Beekman on Broadway Apartments, University of Michigan hospital staff, students living on North Campus, and all Northside community members. 

Lowertown Bar and Cafe caters to early risers and those seeking a late-night retreat. The business operates a coffee shop during the day and transitions into a beer garden and cocktail bar in the evenings and weekends. Lowertown features a diverse selection of coffee drinks, snacks, Michigan beers, ciders, wines, and an extensive cocktail and mocktail menu. Additionally, customers are encouraged to order food from local restaurants for delivery to the patio. Visit the website for a detailed menu and business hours.

Image of the Ann Arbor's newest Northside cafe and bar's exterior on Ann Arbor's Northside

Outdoor Patio of Lowertown Bar and Cafe

Transformative Developments in Ann Arbor’s Northside Neighborhood

Contributing to a new wave of investments along Broadway, Lowertown Bar and Cafe joins the Beekman on Broadway apartments, the upcoming Orange Market, and the revitalization of an older retail center. The owners have repurposed a modest 1938 building, formerly a Pure Oil service station and, more recently, a barber shop and bike repair garage

Rush's Barber Shop was located on Ann Arbor's Northside ar 1031 Broadway until it closed in 2020.

Rush Barber Shop was formerly located at 1031 Broadway St, closing in 2020. Source: Ann Arbor District Library.

Other notable developments in the neighborhood include Lowertown Ventures LLC’s acquisition of the former Broadway Party Store property. In addition, the bustling Michigan Medicine complex just down the street is expanding with a new 12-story hospital.

Finally, the Detroit-based Roxbury Group and the Lower Town Riverfront Conservancy are collaborating to revitalize a 14-acre riverfront site at the end of Broadway, known as Broadway Park West. Construction will begin in the spring of 2024 for the creation of a new park, residential areas, commercial spaces, and a hotel.

Image of interior of Lowertown Bar and Cafe, on Ann Arbor's Northside

Interior of Lowertown Bar and Cafe

Building Community Through Walkable Spaces

According to Peter Baker, one of the three partners at Lowertown Bar and Cafe, the public’s enthusiasm for the cafe reflects a broader demand for more walkable gathering spaces in Ann Arbor. Local coffee shops, stores, and bars contribute to more community-oriented and less car-dependent neighborhoods. With the influx of residents at the Beekman apartments, Lowertown is meeting a growing demand for walkable community gathering spots. 

Today, locals frequent the new spot for coffee, drinks, and connections with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. This fosters a growing sense of community in the Northside of Ann Arbor. Grabbing a coffee for a scenic stroll along the Huron River also offers residents a great way to connect with the area’s natural surroundings. Piper Partners encourages you to explore the exciting new developments in Ann Arbor’s unique and eclectic Northside neighborhood.

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