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According to Andy

In these articles, you will find various pieces of real estate advice, all according to Andy! Andy Piper is not quite a townie yet, but he has lived in Ann Arbor since 1996. He and his wife Diana raised three children here and have deep experience with the schools and Ann Arbor’s many great community services, institutions and organizations. He loves the area and all that it has to offer. Find out about his favorite Michigan vacation spots, interesting things to do in and around town. Andy has maintained a website and blog since 2005. He also likes to share his thoughts on working and careers, quality of life, goal setting and self-improvement, service to others in the community and more.

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According to Andy

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How to Find a Top Real Estate Agent in Ann Arbor – And Avoid Getting Stuck with the Wrong One

  Many people relocate for the educational opportunities of the University of Michigan's downtown and medical campus, while others are finding footing in Ann Arbor’s research and tech companies. Some are remote workers moving to more affordable cities. All are drawn to Ann Arbor's Midwest values and quality of life. Unsurprisingly, people from across the country relocate to Ann Arbor, Michigan, from large cities like New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Relocating? What To Consider When Searching for a Top Real Estate Agent In A New City When relocating and purchasing a home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, finding the right real estate agent is crucial; especially when you have limited time and budget for visits to view potential homes. With over 1000 realtors and affiliate members in the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors, how do you make the right choice? To help you make the right decision, consider following these steps: Seek referrals from locals, friends, or family who have experienced success with a reliable agent and interview them before making the decision. Don't solely rely on online placements. Placing an ad doesn't guarantee an agent's expertise. Scrutinize an agent's website for local insights, testimonials, and their approach to real estate. Does their website have information about local neighborhoods and other community features? Are they local experts? Investigate their track record of satisfied clients and Google reviews to ensure credibility. Conduct interviews with multiple agents to assess their communication style, availability, and negotiation skills. Make sure they are your style, and understand your needs. When you are interviewing real estate agents, consider these points: Are they a good listener? What is their communication style? Does the agent’s style match your style? Do you feel a sense of rapport and trust? What is their availability? Do they actively serve buyers and sellers in the areas where you are looking? How do they negotiate offers? Can they find you a home that you can afford in an area you want? Ask about their experience negotiating and ask for examples when they have successfully negotiated for their client. Interview former clients. Find reviews and testimonials from clients in the last 6 months. Common Pitfalls Home Buyers Fall Into: Not being systematic. Find a real estate agent that has a plan, and make sure you stick to the plan for each home you research. Blindly accepting recommendations from friends and family in the area is a good start, but you should evaluate each referral with your interview. Even if a real estate agent was right for a friend, you may need something different. Clicking on every real estate site and hiring multiple agents to find homes for me. Several are not better than one! It will also waste your time. Top-selling real estate agents might not necessarily be the best. Volume is not an indicator of quality. Testimonials from clients are more important. Larger teams have multiple agents, so you may not get the expected agent. You could end up with a team member with less experience. Sponsored ads are not an indicator of quality. Be wary of sponsored ads as they pay Zillow for that spot. Reviews and testimonials from actual clients are better and more reliable. Don't just click the first link on Google and assume it's also the best choice. They go with a listing agent because they believe it will be cheaper in the long run, but this is not necessarily true. A good real estate agent can work with you within your means.   Andy was recommended to me by a long-time Ann Arbor resident (20 years), and after working with Andy I offered to provide a testimonial - especially for others relocating from other states. When purchasing a home in Ann Arbor and living in another state you have to trust and rely on your agent, and I did, entirely. Andy is responsive, incredibly knowledgeable of the market, trends, etc. but also an excellent resource "of all things Ann Arbor", efficient, friendly, professional, and incredibly reliable. I cannot recommend Andy highly enough. In fact I offered to speak with others moving from out of state to share my experience first hand with others. -Jenn D. Relocated from Seattle to Ann Arbor   With the guidance of an agent who possesses local insights, a strong track record, effective communication skills, and a proven negotiation ability, your transition to Ann Arbor can be a smooth and satisfying experience. A staggering 89% of buyers would recommend their agent to others, and our clients are our best source of feedback. With our expertise and dedication, we are here at Piper Partners to assist you in buying your dream home and making your move a seamless success!

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