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Bored in Ann Arbor? Try These 5 Fun Indoor Activities!

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Cabin Fever getting to you? Get out and enjoy the great indoors! Check out this long list of things to do in Ann Arbor.

When the frosty weather keeps you indoors, fear not! Ann Arbor offers tons of indoor activities to shake off cabin fever and banish boredom. As residents of Ann Arbor, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the abundance of arts, entertainment, and activities right at our fingertips. Here’s a curated list to help you make the most of your time indoors during these bone-chilling months.


1. Discover Museums and Art Galleries

Discover the rich cultural tapestry of Ann Arbor through its exceptional museums and art galleries. Here are a few gems that promise a captivating and fun experience.

  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum:

Immerse yourself in the world of interactive exhibits at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. From the enchanting Michigan Nature display to the cutting-edge MediaWorks, there’s something for everyone. General admission is $16, with free entry for members and babies under 23 months. EBT/WIC Card holders enjoy $3 admission for up to 6 people per card.

Hands On Museum Ann Arbor

Hands-On Museum in downtown Ann Arbor.

  • University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA):

Situated on the university campus, UMMA has collections spanning 150 years, from 1000 BCE Middle Eastern artifacts to contemporary 21st-century paintings. Admission is always free, with a warmly appreciated $10 donation. 

  • University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Featuring constantly expanding exhibits, including interactive displays about mastodons and prehistoric whales, the U of M Museum of Natural History is a must-visit. Admission is free, and generous donations support ongoing exploration and discovery initiatives.

University of Michigan's natural history museum

University of Michigan’s Natural History Museum is located at 1105 North University Ave.


2. Attend Performing Arts Shows

Dive into the vibrant world of performing arts by exploring local theaters and performance venues that showcase an array of plays, concerts, and dance performances. 

  • Community Theater:

Supporting community theater fosters local talent and creativity. Notable community theaters in the Ann Arbor area include Dexter Community Players, Ann Arbor Civic Theater, Penny Seats Theater, Theater Nova, and Young People’s Theater. Go to a local performance or even audition to be in a play!

The Penny Seats Theater Company. Source: Penny Seats Theater Company website.

  • University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD):

SMTD offers a vast array of performances, with over 900 student performances during the academic year. Many performances are free, offering a glimpse into emerging artists’ careers. There are also many highly anticipated ticketed performances

  • University Musical Society (UMS):

Housed on the campus of the University of Michigan, UMS brings world-class music, dance, and theater to Ann Arbor, presenting 60+ performances annually in Hill Auditorium and across Ann Arbor. Check out their 2023-24 Season events. 

Step Afrika! performing at a sold-out School Day Performance in Hill Auditorium

UMS Performance at Hill Auditorium. Source: UMS website.

  • Stand-Up Comedy:

Head to Ann Arbor’s Comedy Showcase in downtown Ann Arbor for a night of laughter and entertainment. Open Mic Night tickets are $5, while well-known touring comedians have ticket prices starting at $15.


3. Indulge in Indoor Sports and Recreation

Explore indoor sports facilities and recreational centers in Ann Arbor, offering options for various interests.

  • Planet Rock:

Ascend to new heights at Planet Rock, Ann Arbor’s premier indoor rock climbing gym for all skill levels. Special programs for children encourage both physical development and problem-solving skills. Parents can enjoy free belay lessons while their child is in class, making it a family-friendly destination for climbing enthusiasts. Check out pricing and different packages here.

woman climbing wall at Planet Rock Climbing Gym.

Planet Rock Climbing Gym.

  • Pinball Pete’s:

Step back in time at Pinball Pete’s, a destination that has been delighting Ann Arbor residents for over 30 years. This arcade haven offers a wide array of entertainment, including classic arcade games, video games, pool, air hockey, and much more. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Pinball Pete’s guarantees a blast for everyone.

Pinball Pete's

Pinball Pete’s. Source: Pinball Pete’s website.

  • Revel and Roll:

Revel & Roll offers a perfect blend of bowling, arcade games, and top-notch dining. With 26 bowling lanes, an entertainment sports bar, and Michigan’s largest LED TV, it’s the ultimate entertainment destination. Check out their website for information about pricing and weekly deals. 

  • Wolverine Pickleball:

Wolverine Pickleball stands as the fastest-growing pickleball community in the Midwest. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn the game, looking to play with skilled players at your level, or aspiring to practice with nationally renowned pros, Wolverine Pickleball caters to all. For non-members, a session costs $10-15 depending on the day. Check out pricing details here.


4. Embrace Learning: Take a Winter Class!

Make the most of the winter months by turning them into an opportunity to acquire new skills and connect with like-minded individuals. Ann Arbor offers a diverse range of classes, from the artistic to the culinary, providing an avenue for everyone’s interests.

  • Ann Arbor Art Center:

Located in Downtown Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Art Center is our local headquarters for enjoying art exhibitions, connecting with local artists, and learning new art skills. Their classes are available for all ages and topics cover everything from painting and ceramics to jewelry making and metalsmithing! Sign up for upcoming classes here.

street view of Ann Arbor Art Center

Ann Arbor Art Center

  • Tammy’s Tastings:

Tammy’s Tastings is a local, Ann Arbor business dedicated to building unique food and drink experiences. Tammy and her team host regularly scheduled events that cover everything from chocolate tasting to mixology and cocktail history. To see the upcoming event schedule, click here.

  • Zingerman’s Bakehouse:

BAKE! at Zingerman’s is a hands-on teaching bakery where you can learn about pizza making, donut frying, flour grinding, soft pretzel creation, and more. To see the full schedule and reserve your spot online, click here.

Photo of bread from Zingerman's website.

Photo of bread from Zingerman’s website.

  • Maker Works:

A 14,000-square-foot workshop focused on making things, Maker Works offers memberships, day passes, and one-time classes covering craft, wood, metal, electronics, jewelry, software, and more.


5. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Discovering the wonders of Ann Arbor’s nature areas and learning about plants and ecology doesn’t always require stepping outside. 

  • The Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory:

While Matthaei Botanical Gardens has 11 outdoor areas to explore when the sun is shining, their year-round indoor conservatory is the perfect retreat on a cold day. The conservatory is divided into three distinct climate spaces—the Tropical House, the Temperate House, and the Arid House—each housing a diverse array of plant species within its unique biome. Admission to the conservatory is always free, but if you drive here, expect to pay $2.20 per hour for parking with a $6 daily charge.

Tropical Room at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Tropical House at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens.


Ready to beat boredom in Ann Arbor? Explore the great indoors with museums, performing arts, sports, and new hobbies. Seize the opportunity to explore, learn, and have fun in the heart of Ann Arbor!

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