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Step Into a Mastermind Session with Gary Keller

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend a private mastermind session with Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams and one of the real estate industry’s most influential thought leaders, you’re in luck!

KW Operating Principle Melanie Kennemann shares “aha’s” from Keller’s latest session, which reinforce the timeless insights from his bestselling book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA).

If you’re considering a career in real estate, reading the MREA is a must-do, as well as participating in ongoing learning and training. That’s why one of the PiperPartners Team’s core values is: “We learn, train, and practice daily because we are committed to greatness.”

Read on to glean some of Gary Keller’s wisdom from the recent session. And if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of the MREA, just leave us a note below or give us a call at (734)845-9700.


1. Life is hard. It requires work and diligence to get the most out of it.

2. We tend to hide behind complexity – keep it simple and do the 20 percent.

  • “Like everything else, real estate sales has its 20 percent. The 20 percent the Millionaire Real Estate Agent focuses on are the Three L’s – Leads, Listings and Leverage. When you are concentrating on Leads, Listings and Leverage, you are focusing on the key activities that will yield the greatest return for your business.”  – MREA, p. 98

3. Treat accountability like you are coaching someone else’s kid – take the emotion out and focus on behavior and activity.

4. The number one reason people underachieve is they don’t have goals that allow them to overachieve.

5. When you aim right at your goal, you support an underachieving culture.

6. Perfection is overrated!

7. Don’t fall in love with the boom, or else you may be devastated from a bust.

8. We fail our way to success.

  • “Too many people live their lives under the mistaken assumption that success is a matter of avoiding failure. The problem with that approach to living is that when you actively avoid failure, you tend to avoid challenges as well.” Keller is a strong advocate for using your failures as stepping-stones to success. “The next time you try something, bear in mind that history has made it very clear that you will probably have to fail a few times before you get it right. You cannot fail unless you quit!” – MREA, p. 63

9. How can we get on the same page if there isn’t one page to get on?

  • Models matter. Without them, your team will be unable to get on the same page and you will not be able to achieve the most you possibly can. Keller says, “The difference between everyone else and top achievers is that top achievers purposefully choose Big Models in the key areas that matter so they can achieve their highest potential.” – MREA, p. 120
  • By being committed to the right models and systems, you will build a moat around your business.

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