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Bring Back the Joy in Your Career

Many people go through life on auto-pilot, stuck in the same daily grind at the same job for years without any real satisfaction. Getting out of that rut and recognizing that it is time for a career change can be hard.

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If you find yourself thinking any of the following statements, you might be in one of those ruts:

  • I’m not making enough money.
  • I’m not getting anything out of my job. It’s boring and not leading anywhere.
  • I work so hard, constantly working beyond expectations or quotas, and I’m not getting rewarded for my extra effort.
  • I have so little leeway in my job. My boss is a jerk and I’m tired of the corporate scene.
  • I’ve been in sales for a while, but I’m just not passionate about what I’m selling. The products don’t excite me.
  • I’m tired of being tied to my job’s schedule and missing out on other things in life. I wish I could be around my kids more often and attend more of their events.
  • I hate my long, slow commute every day.
  • I’m a hard worker, but there just isn’t any support at my company. I can’t get to the next level.
  • I love my community and I want to be active in it.
  • I know my job isn’t right for me and it’s not where I want to be. I just don’t know where to start to make a change.

If your current job is just not satisfying you, it could be time for a change. Any one of these feelings is a good enough reason to explore what else you can be doing that will make you more money, give you more flexibility, and offer you the excitement, advancement, and stability in your career that you have always wanted.


Bring Back the Joy

Real estate is an exciting, dynamic field that can bring you the joy you were missing in almost every aspect of your life: the financial reward for your hard work, the personal pleasure of a schedule you control to suit you, and the emotional satisfaction of solving some people’s most pressing life problems, like where to live and how to invest their hard-earned money.

Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world by associate count.

The possibilities for advancement and earning potential in your career in Ann Arbor real estate are virtually endless when it comes to real estate sales. How hard you want to work is up to you, which means that you have a lot of control over how profitable you can be. Your choice to pursue a career in real estate will fill many of the gaps you are experiencing in your current job and bring you the happiness in life that you’ve been missing.

It Takes a Certain Someone to Sell Real Estate

Here are some of the qualities we’ve found in successful salespeople:

  • Organized people can respond quickly to challenges and save time and money for their clients.
  • Outgoing, pleasant personalities are what people expect from salespeople because working with pleasant people who make clients feel comfortable is, well, pleasant. And we all want pleasant experiences.
  • Motivated people work hard and have the driving edge to succeed. If you want it, you will do what it takes to get it.
  • Honesty and integrity win every time. Doing what’s right even when no one is watching will please and impress clients, and when you go the extra mile for them, they will shout it from the rooftops for you. Honesty builds trust, and trust builds relationships.
  • Good listeners – active listeners – tend to succeed in real estate.
  • Paying attention to details pays off since home buyers and home sellers often have very specific needs and desires that you often have the power to satisfy.
  • Desire to succeed in everything and in every way.
  • Problem solver who won’t give up until obstacles are overcome to the satisfaction of those who matter most: clients.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit that drives you to explore, learn, implement, and achieve.
  • Desire to be knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, home ownership, tax incentives, and the community so as to be the best resource for your client at all times.
  • Hustle. You have to be willing to hustle.

Traits of a Top Producer in Real Estate

The top-producing agents in the Ann Arbor real estate market, and the real estate industry in general, combine the best of all of these qualities to sell millions of dollars in real estate every year. These are the people who have strong ties within their communities, within the industry, and within their companies. They know how to spot the details that make a property more (or less) valuable and how to price that property appropriately in the current market to facilitate a faster sale. They have the tools to market a property, and they know how to use them. They will follow up on every lead–big, small, or somewhere in between–until they fall cold. Top Producers make every client feel valued while also juggling many clients at once.

Let’s Explore

While your goals of becoming a top producer may be looking off into the future at this early stage, it doesn’t hurt to know what it’s going to take to become one. If you think that a career in Ann Arbor real estate might be the way to happiness and fulfillment for you, it’s worth learning more. Call now or fill out the form below. It’s time to find out whether a career in real estate is exactly what’s missing from your life.

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