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Condos Near the University of Michigan Hospital


Andy suggests three condos within walking distance of the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor.



“Hi I’m Andy Piper with the PiperPartners Team at Keller Williams in Ann Arbor.

Today I’m just going to give you a quick update on housing near the University of Michigan Hospital. Three in particular I want to focus on are Neilsen Square Condominiums, Riverside Park Place, and River House Condominiums.

Nielsen Square Condominiums were built in the early 2000s, there’s roughly 50 or so units in there and there’s two different floor plans. They have attached garages and they are the most up to date floor plans. As far as rentals there, occasionally they come up for rent, but they are mostly just for sale. Last year on the MLS there was just one lease and it leased at $2600 per month and it was a larger 1800+ square foot unit. The smaller unit is roughly 900 square feet and they lease closer to $2000 per month. Sale prices are running above $300,000 for the larger unit and in the mid-to-high $200,000s for the smaller unit. Both have attached garages, the larger unit has a two-car garage and the smaller unit has a one-car garage.

Riverside Park Place Condominiums is a high-rise building close to the hospital. It’s a 10-storey building, and there is interior heated, secure parking and also outdoor carport parking available depending on which unit you purchase. Those units sell in the mid-to-high $200,000s. They are all electric, so in that building you’re gonna have electric heat, electric stove and so forth. They are mostly 2-bedroom units. The thing that people like them is that it is a secure building. There is an elevator, and there is common spaces and there’s also a pool. So it’s a really well-equipped, well-maintained building close to the hospital.

River House Condominiums were built in the 1960s and converted to condominiums. That is probably your most effective cost solution for finding housing within walking distance to the University of Michigan. Very popular with resident doctors because it’s such a short distance to the hospital. Very reasonably priced. This year looking like they’re gonna be in the $170,000s-180,000s; rentals running between $1300 and $1500 per month. They are two-bedroom, one-bath condos. They do not have laundry in the units, although a few have been updated to have in-unit laundry. They do not have garage parking, they have carport parking. Again, very cost-effective way to go.

Those are the three condominium developments that are very close to the UofM medical campus. If you have any questions about these, I’d be happy to speak with you directly, you can reach me at (734) 604-8242 or you can visit our site at Thank you.”

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