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PiperPartners Helps Hodet Family Find Their Dream Home

The Hodet Family Closes on Dream Home

The Hodet Family Closes on Dream Home

Pastor Christien Hodet, Mrs. JoAn Hodet and their two children weren’t sure if they would ever find their dream home. A pastor to Ann Arbor and Plymouth’s Seventh-Day Adventists, Pastor Hodet wanted to find a find a home situated in-between the two churches, large enough for their family of four and visiting relatives.

They also wanted at least an acre for privacy to retreat to with their busy schedules.

Why is privacy so important to pastors? Anyone in full-time ministry knows to expect calls at any time of night (or day) when disasters occur in the lives of their parishioners. An accident, severe illness, or heaven forbid, a death–the pastor is always called.

PiperPartners realtor Jerlee Taylor-Bond was their angel in disguise, helping answer their prayers.

After three offers on other houses, she found a fourth home slightly out of their price range, but Jerlee insisted they see it as it was a complete match with all their other criteria: on an acre, in the country, 4 bedrooms, over 2,000 square feet. Plenty of room for two little active boys to run and be wild. And, the house had been updated so that it was move-in ready.

Pastor and Mrs. Hodet fell in love with this home. Not only a guest bedroom for visitors but enough room and space for a study for Pastor Hodet, and a room for Mrs. Hodet to use for home-schooling the children.

An offer was respectfully made on 11/22. By 11/27, their offer had been accepted. Finally, the home search was over!

“I’m so glad they didn’t give up, and it was such a privilege to help this special family,” Jerlee said.

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