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Planning for our Future


Team Meeting: Working on our Mission Statement

It’s mid-Fall, and that’s planning season at the PiperPartners Real Estate team’s HQ. This time of year, when things have slowed down a bit (hopefully not too much) we can get to work on visioning our future for how we serve our clients, how we work as individuals and as a successful team. What is generally known as mission, vision, values and purpose: MVVP.

It’s the kind of work that people and teams are not very good at getting around to doing. It’s hard to focus on this stuff! It’s not an urgent or a pressing problem that needs to be solved, but rather it’s long-term planning and visioning that becomes the core of our team culture and is “the glue” that keeps us together, focused, and in integrity while working to our highest potential.

We believe that having a clear vision for what each of us wishes to achieve as well as having a limitless mindset about it requires daily “exercise” and is a basic requirement of success. That’s why we invest the time and energy in this stuff.

Each year we get better at this visioning work, but this year, I am really excited because we have what I call “the powerhouse”  leading us in our quest.  That’s Maggie Cease who  leads the Piper Partners team development efforts and does important, non-urgent work for our team, and Aline Hanleour consultant who works with us  to “awaken our inner-potential and reveal genius”.

With Maggie leading our team discussions and Aline working with us opening up our thinking about our potential, we are diving into clarifying our team Mission and Vision, our core values, and our individual and professional goals (both short-term and long-term). We are spending the time during the fourth quarter “doing the work” and getting clear so that we can best serve our clients, our community, and each other in 2017 and beyond.

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