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KW Kids Care: The Quantum Leap Experience



KW Kids Care is a new non-profit that aims to provide education-related scholarships and grants to kids of Keller Williams associates. To kick it off, Gary Keller hosted the Quantum Leap Experience, a three-day program where he offered personal insights to over 100 young adults between the ages of 17 and 26. Four kids of KW Associates in Ann Arbor attended, including Karl Piper.

While Keller has taught the Quantum Leap Experience before, this was the first time he had specifically geared the program, which takes place in Austin, Texas, specifically toward young adults.

“We’re a training organization that likes to do real estate,” he told the group.

During the program, Keller shared many of his personal best practices, and gave presentations on topics such as successful goal identification and how to simplify work by using tools to remove unnecessary tasks. Throughout his presentations, Keller also explained the research behind these practices, like the 80-20 rule, which claims that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.

Citing the fact that there is “English 101… but no Life 101,” Keller was driven to share his personal challenges and solutions with a group of young adults before they formed long-term habits.

Keller and KW Kids Care hope to host another Quantum Leap Experience this fall.

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