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Keller Williams named one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

Keller Williams encourages its employees to live balanced and healthy lives by ensuring that their physical, emotional and financial well-being are supported. The company’s commitment to holistic health is evident by the introduction of the KW Wellness Program in 2013 and its expansion each year since inception. Continually recognized for its outstanding culture and ranking as a leading training organization, Keller Williams is setting the standard for associate wellness. Recently, Keller Williams received national recognition and was honored to be the recipient of the “Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Award” by, a data aggregator that conducts employer research. This award is the highest, most-coveted distinction in the corporate wellness industry, as only 100 companies in the US earn such a designation each year.

“Being one of the Healthiest places to work is just one more thing that is in alignment with our culture and who we are as an organization.  Our mission is to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living – how can any of our people truly LIVE our mission without taking care of themselves first!” – Leslie Vander Gheynst, director of human resources.

“We feel so privileged to be honored as a Healthiest Workplace. We want each one of you to be able to be on the path to well-being—to find health, strength and work-life balance and a life worth living. We’d love to support you on your way there!”– Alex Garland, wellness manager, KWRI.


The KW Wellness Benefits Marketplace

As part of a  commitment to taking care of associates’ needs, Keller Williams created the KW Wellness Benefits Marketplace.  This e-commerce  site offers all U.S. associates access to health coverage solutions.

By enrolling in health coverage offered through the KW Wellness Marketplace, associates can ensure that they complying with the Affordable Care Act and will avoid possible tax penalties from not having health insurance.

Group health care coverage is often difficult for independent real estate professionals to secure due to their employment classification, but not so for Keller Williams associates. Keeping the focus on the associates’ needs, the KW Wellness Benefits Marketplace was created to accommodate the entire associate population, as well as offer solutions for 1099 associates. Keller Williams teamed up with Connecture to create an easy-to-use, service-oriented health care option that complies with the U.S. Affordable Care Act.

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