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Congratulations Cody! On his way to mastering the industry!

I am so proud of this guy – Cody Maldonado and the success he has achieved in his first year in the real estate industry. Cody started his real estate career one year ago in December and in 2018. Through his dedication and persistence and with the assistance of our team, he has successfully served 26 of the Piper Partners Team clients with the purchase or sale of real estate.

Most importantly, Cody is on his way to becoming a successful small business owner/entrepreneur capable of succeeding in any market. A good analogy to being a successful business owner/entrepreneur is surfing!

First of all

  • Surfing requires a special passion and desire and patience that allows one to go the extra mile, always be in learning mode. Low ego. Some say that successful entrepreneurs are full of themselves – high ego types. I am convinced that the most successful entrepreneurs are all about self mastery – open minded learners who are consistent and persistent. They are committed to serving others by being authentic and true to themselves, following their heart, and having fun!
  • It’s a ton of work to just get to the good waves. You have to want to do it. It is not an easy path. Being a business owner is the same. Not the simplest choice of careers.
  • Once you find the good waves, your hard work has just begun! Now you have to have skill and experience and developed strength to get up on the waves. Riding a wave is no easy task, it is mind over matter. In business, you have to generate your business opportunities and much time, skill training, and money goes in to client acquisition. This is just to get to the starting point of working with clients. It is mind over matter – you are generating something literally from nothing
  • Staying up on the wave requires balance, strength, training through repetition experience and most likely an experienced mentor. You must constantly adjust your approach and you have to have a mindset of success and determination. In business, market conditions change constantly, technology is moving at an extraordinary pace. Staying current and adjusting your business is an everyday activity. What worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. You can never give up or let a bad day or failure keep you from taking the next step with determination. Those that don’t do this fall away quickly. In my business, I look to the leadership of a really great mentor, Gary Keller,  founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty to guide me through changing business conditions. Our team seeks out and finds the training and mentorship to keep our skills current and mindset positive and healthy, no matter what!

These are the qualities we see in successful agents.

In an industry where the average agent sells @ 5 homes per year, and most are out of the business within 2 years, Cody is already in the elite small percentage of agents truly committed to mastering his craft, serving his clients, being authentic to himself and his higher calling and in the end, having fun!

Congratulations Cody!

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