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What’s for lunch?

Delicious Gourmet Burgers at Gallup Park

Our friend Chris at the Keller Williams Ann Arbor office will be making the food for our upcoming barbeque… So, what’s for lunch at the PiperPartners Client Appreciation BBQ? Check out the video below to see a preview of the food we will be serving!

Our client appreciation barbeque is going to be a great day of relaxed fun, good food, and community. We’ll be giving out free canoeing passes, celebrating our clients, and of course eating delicious food!¬†PiperPartners is also excited to celebrate our partnership with Ozone House. Now entering their 50th year working with youth and families in Washtenaw County, Ozone House will share a sneak peek of their new home!

Canoeing at Gallup Park

Chris is a classically trained chef, and after tasting his food at this team lunch the other day, we are really excited to share it with our clients on July 29th. You can find Chris’s catering on Facebook at Cuisine with Class!

The playground at Gallup Park near our Barbeque!

Don’t forget to RSVP by July 20th so we can make sure there will be enough food for everyone. Follow the RSVP link s in our email invites or fill out the contact form below to let us know to count you in!

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(video transcript)

Okay, tell me, Chris, how you doing?

I’m doing well.

Chris is the executive chef for our upcoming Piperpartners team client, friends and family appreciation barbecue and Chris is cooking up some pre-barbecue samples for us.

Yes, yes. Okay, maybe you can tell us what’s going on. So right here I have more of a traditional pasta salad rotini pasta red peppers celery broccoli red onion made a light white wine vinaigrette to go on that.

Here we have a cucumber tomato salad with shaved onions, tossing a little salt pepper oil and vinegar.

Right here is a raw asparagus salad with shaved red onion and shitake mushrooms.

Here this is Chandler Hill coleslaw, oh you know it’s…that I worked at back in St. Louis after I graduated from culinary school. People come from miles around to buy this coleslaw. It is green cabbage green onions green peppers almond slivers cranberries then it’s tossed in light Mayo Dijon mustard and raw honey

And the four of those salads together smell delightful!

So, then I made two different sliders and I wish I remember which was which but when you bite into it you be successful. So one is under the Korean barbecue style, I marinated the beef in pineapple juice orange juice and brown sugar Chinese five-spice a little bit of this a little bit of that.

The other one is it’s all grass-fed beef and it’s just caramelized onions caramelize the onions put it in the raw beef let it marinate for about 12 hours and put them up on a lightly toasted brioche bun. lovely size – oh yeah.

Nice size, all right! very nice!

So these are some options different ways we can go with, okay I mean there’s always, of course, your traditional tossed salad potato salad, and yes my wife makes some amazing baked beans.

Sounds good

So alright a couple of options for you.

Very nice, thank you, Chris!

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