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Ann Arbor MI: America’s Most Educated City

There are dozens upon dozens of reasons to be in love with Ann Arbor, Michigan, and dozens more to choose it as your address. Now, add to the long list of its accolades that of the country’s most educated city. For the second year in a row!


A Detailed Education Study

A recent study by WalletHub evaluated the 150 most populated U.S. metropolitan statistical as and reviewed the education levels attained (Educational Attainment) and then weighed this against the quality of education and attainment gap (Quality of Education & Attainment Gap). This involved polling large numbers of adults on what level of education they attained and factoring in information from a variety of other surveys and polls about the quality of education in those areas and gaps in the education system, including racial and gender gaps. Learn more about the methodology here.

Source: WalletHub

Ann Arbor Scored High

According to this study, Ann Arbor Michigan sort of ran away with the results. Ann Arbor scored a whopping total score of 95.09. This included coming in first place in the each of the Educational Attainment and Quality of Education & Attainment Gap categories.  Ann Arbor also scored first place for these sub-categories:

  • highest percentage of associate’s degree or college-experience adults
  • highest percentage of bachelor’s degree holders
  • highest percentage of graduate or professional degree holders

Second place overall, with a distant score of 78.43, was awarded to Washington, D.C. which came in second for Educational Attainment and 24th in Quality of Education & Attainment Gap.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth place went to San Jose, CA, Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, and Madison, WI respectively.


Quality Employers and an Interest in

One of the reasons a city scored well in this study is the importance that employers place on education. When a city attracts quality employers that can retain quality employees, that employer will place greater emphasis on their employee’s education. Those employees will stick around longer and, presumably, keep on contributing to the overall health of the community.  Yes, that does sum up this amazing city of Ann Arbor! An excellent place to go to school, be employed, enjoy vibrant cultures, raise a family, and more.


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