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111 North Ashley – Ashley Terrace Condominiums

Andy gives a virtual tour of the 111 N. Ashley building located in downtown Ann Arbor.


“Hi, this is Andy Piper with the PiperPartners Team at Keller Williams in Ann Arbor. Today I’m going to talk about 111 N. Ashley – Ashley Terrace Condominiums located in downtown Ann Arbor.

This building is a ten-story condominium building with two stories of retail. It has three stories of underground parking and is a completely secure building. It’s a great building if you want a place where, maybe you’re going to be living there part-time, or you travel quite a bit. It’s just a lock-and-go kind of building.

There were 9 units sold on the MLS last year at 111 N. Ashley. The average sale price of a unit there was $429,000. The average size was 1162 square feet, mostly consisting of 2-bedroom 2-bath units. There were a couple 1-bedroom, 1.5-bath, 1-bath, and then there was one efficiency that sold. The smallest unit, 658 square feet, an efficiency unit, and the largest units sold were 1600 square foot 2-bedroom 2-bath units.

111 N. Ashley also has, on the top floor, penthouse condominiums that have grand views of the city of Ann Arbor and also high ceilings. Facing south viewing from the building you can see the Big House. Facing North you can see the Huron River and the hills north of the Huron River. Facing East you can see downtown Ann Arbor and all the restaurants. At least 20 restaurants you can walk to within 1 or 2 blocks of the building. It’s a great location if you’re needing to access either I-94 to the south or M-14 to the north. It’s a quick walk to downtown Ann Arbor or to the Medical Center.

It’s been a very popular building with young people and old people alike. There’s people that retire to Ann Arbor and buy in this building; there are also students at the University of Michigan in this building. One of the issues you might have buying here is that many of the units only come with one parking space. If you need two parking spaces, you’ll need to lease the second space from the city of Ann Arbor in a nearby parking structure.

111 N. Ashley, in downtown Ann Arbor, previously known as Ashley Terrace, is one of our favorite developments downtown.”


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