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PiperPartners Special Offer: $40 Off Furnace Cleaning & Safety Inspection

The weather outside is starting to get a little colder, which means it’s about time we talk about your most humble, hard-working appliance: your furnace. And we’re pleased to offer you a special discount on a fall furnace tuneup and preventative maintenance from one of our favorite heating and cooling companies.

Check out the video below or keep reading to learn about why you should have your furnace inspected at least once a year. Click here to access your special discount on a furnace cleaning and safety inspection, courtesy of your friends at PiperPartners.

4 Reasons You Need a Furnace Cleaning & Safety Inspection

  1. Safety: If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, it can be dangerous to your family! Your furnace is a fuel-burning appliance that produces carbon monoxide every time it operates. When functioning properly, the carbon monoxide will be contained in the heat exchanger and vented out of the house. But the heat exchanger can develop cracks: it’s made out of metal, which expands and contracts every time your furnace heats up and cools down. Leaks can also develop if something goes wrong with your furnace’s venting system. If the vent becomes blocked, and the furnace does not shut down properly, carbon monoxide can be emitted into the home. A qualified technician will check for these and other potential safety problems.
  2. Peace of Mind: Have you ever noticed how things break on holiday weekends? Your dishwasher knows it’s thanksgiving, and your furnace knows when it’s a holiday. The last thing you want is a furnace that breaks down on the coldest day of the year or during a holiday weekend – when heating companies will be busiest and least likely to respond. A service inspection will decrease the chances of breakdown.
  3. Valid Warranty: Many manufacturers require that you have at least one furnace service appointment per year in order to maintain your warranty. Having regular maintenance done can save you money if larger problems occur in the future.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Regular maintenance also helps your furnace operate at top efficiency, helping you save money on heating expenses. Technicians do things like change filters, lubricate bearings, clean drains and check for gas valve leaks. These things will allow your furnace to operate more efficiently and increase the lifespan of the appliance.

PiperPartners is happy to offer clients, friends and family a $40 discount on a fall furnace tune-up from Indoor Comfort. The Piper team cares about you and your home. The regular price is $139, but click here to access a coupon and receive the inspection for only $99. 

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