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Maxy Cat Visits the Neighbors

“Anyone missing an orange cat let me know. Likes to hang out around our deck …”

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Neighbor’s picture of Max at their door posted on

I recently joined the site The reason I joined is because we were visiting our wonderful next door neighbors and we got to talking about our cat, Max. I know that Max likes to visit with Tom and Sharon (they have a goldfish pond (like TV for cats) and I am sure regular treats and attention are always available). What I did not know is that Max makes the rounds all through the neighborhood!

People have been posting about Max on asking if this nice visiting cat has a home. Sharon was kind enough to let people know that he does indeed have a loving home.

Max has taken on the job of warming hearts and bringing people together in the neighborhood. It has its risks though. Once, a good neighbor thought Max was lost and kindly took him to the Humane Society – not knowing if he had a home. When Max didn’t come home at his usual time, an online search turned him up at the Humane Society of Huron Valley and we were able to retrieve him. (Thank you Humane Society. Turns out the list of lost cats is a lot longer than the list of found cats.)

Here is the conversation about Max on

Post in Lost & Found

Orange Cat


Anyone missing an orange cat let me know. Likes to hang out around our deck…

could be Max and he is super cool…

Is this Max?? ?❤️ He is such a great cat…

Ann Arbor Real Estate

Another neighbor’s picture of Max sitting in their living room.

This is the same cat who has been a frequent visitor on my porch over the past two summers. He is very friendly and we have named him “Creamsickle”…

That photo looks like Max, he has a one ear that has a small tear in it. Wow he gets around!!…

Yes, he’s got that little tear in his ear! Thanks…

A while back someone took him to the humane society!!!! So now it feels good that we all know he has a good home to return to. And I thought I was his favorite…

Max has many friends. Hope he has a warm cozy bed indoors as winter approaches….

Max just arrived to our house!! Very entertaining to know the goings on of a cat. He does have very nice owners and a warm bed at home….

Lol, #wealllovemax…


Maxy Cat Brings Us Together

When I think of Max visiting the neighbors, I get this feeling that he is helping us all, become a little more connected. He shows up with his kind gentle manner, and then he is off.

So, if a cat visits your home, it probably has a home. If you are worried, post a photo on and see what turns up.

#wealllovemax Maxy Cat

Ann Arbor Real Estate

Yet another neighbor’s picture of Max sitting on their front porch.


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