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Gallup Park – Beautiful Relaxing and Fun In Every Season

Here are the five things I enjoy the most about Gallup Park

Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park is located along the Huron River and is part of the Border-to-Border Trail. It is the most popular go-to park for Ann Arbor area walkers, bikers, runners, kayakers, and canoers. On any given day, you will find its three playgrounds full of kids and the picnic shelters going strong with family outings and get-togethers. A visit to Gallup Park is a great way to unwind, catch up with friends, take in nature, and get some exercise.

If you haven’t been to Gallup Park in a while, take a break from what you are doing and head over there, or plan a trip there this weekend and walk the .5-mile main paved loop or the extended 1.6-mile loop. It’s beautiful and relaxing in every season, including winter.

1. Kayaking and Canoeing and the Gallup Park Livery

Look around from a different perspective while paddling down the Huron River From Argo Livery to Gallup Park Livery  Kayak and canoe rentals are available to rent. Visit the City of Ann Arbor’s Canoe Kayak and Paddle page for the details, dates, times of operation, and different trips available for novice to advanced paddlers.

2. Walking and Running On Miles of Trails
Gallup Park Loop

Gallup Park Loop


You can run for miles and miles along the Border-to-Border Trail, a 40-mile multi-use path through Washtenaw County or do a couple of loops around the paved trail (1.63 miles). A quick walk around the loop is a great way to unwind during or after a busy day. It is accessible to all. Want a longer hike, do it twice or you can continue in either direction for miles!

3. The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor Centennial Playground

Set in the most picturesque tree-shaded area of Gallup Park, this is perfect for young families to picnic and play. Located along the Huron River with plenty of picnic tables and parking nearby, this is a wonderland for kids.

The playground is an accessible and inclusive environment. Children of all ages and abilities can develop and play together. The play features offer the chance to develop s​kills like coordination, balance, and strength, and also offer positive sensory experiences. The park is also great for caregivers with disabilities who will have the chance to engage, supervise and play with their children.

The playground has an overall theme that invites children to enter a fairy world. It is divided into three distinct play areas that represent different types of nature environments found in this region of Michigan. All of these areas are designed to support individuals of all abilities as they play and explore with family and friends. Each area is connected via a combination of sidewalks, accessible topography changes and ramps. This gives all access to all area​s of the playground for everyone.

4.  The Trees and the River Changing with the Seasons

As a regular walker at Gallup Park, you can watch the trees and the river change through the seasons. If you can brave the elements, deep winter offers the most dramatic and memorable scenery.

5. Coffee Shop and Bathrooms

Guilty pleasure – get a cup of coffee and sit at the outdoor tables and watch the kayakers, ducks, and geese. Gallup Park has heated bathrooms and a coffee shop open year-round from late spring to early fall.

Gallup Park is at the top of my list for the best park in Ann Arbor. There is something for everybody. It is thoughtfully inclusive. You can get to the park easily by bike too. If you live in one of the nearby neighborhoods along Washtenaw or Huron Parkway, use the separated bike paths and peddle over to the park with the kids.

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