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5 Things You May Not Know About Ann Arbor

It’s no wonder that people from all over the country are discovering that Ann Arbor punches way above its weight with world-class public performance venues and museums, accessible parks and trails, and an inviting downtown with renowned businesses and restaurants.  Here are five community features that make Ann Arbor a great place to live.

Ann Arbor Public Libraries: A Haven of Knowledge and Community

Ann Arbor takes its literary legacy seriously. The city boasts an array of libraries, each with its distinct charm and resources. The Ann Arbor District Library, in particular, stands as a hub for learning and creativity, offering events, workshops, and an impressive collection of books and media at its five branches in Downtown, Pittsfield, Traverwood, Malletts Creek, and Westgate. The University of Michigan Library system further enriches the city, offering unparalleled resources for students and curious minds. The Ann Arbor District Library has been awarded the Library Journal’s Star every year for the last 15 years.

People-Friendly Streets: Where Lanes Welcome All

Ann Arbor’s commitment to sustainability and livability shines through the Downtown Development Authority’s and the Main Street Merchants Association’s People-Friendly Streets Social district projects. These initiatives transform Main, Washington, Ashley, Fourth, and Liberty Streets into pedestrian and bike-friendly zones during summers, encouraging alternative modes of transportation and fostering a fun, relaxing atmosphere. These streets aren’t merely paths; they’re experiences that blend mobility, community, and creativity.

Border to Border Trail: Journeys of Exploration

Ann Arbor’s Border to Border Trail is a treasure for adventurous souls. Stretching across the city and beyond, this trail offers many different experiences. It caters to canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, hikers seeking solace in nature, and bikers craving scenic routes. Beyond recreational value, the trail signifies Ann Arbor’s commitment to creating sustainable transportation and outdoor engagement.

Ann Arbor and University of Michigan Museums: A Tapestry of Culture and Discovery

Ann Arbor’s cultural tapestry is richly woven through its museums. The University of Michigan, Museum of Art, showcases a diverse art collection spanning cultures and epochs. The Museum of Natural History uncovers the mysteries of our planet, while the Hands-On Museum fosters scientific curiosity in the young and old alike. Each museum presents an opportunity to delve into different types of knowledge and creativity.

Concert Venues: Where Melodies Resonate

Ann Arbor’s vibrant cultural scene is further enriched by its concert venues. Thanks to the University of Michigan, we have Hill Auditorium, with its grandeur and impeccable acoustics, hosting performances from the best artists worldwide. The Power Center offers a medium-sized setting for theatrical productions and artistic expressions. The Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, located within the Michigan League, is where various performances come to life, connecting artists and audiences in an intimate space.  What is especially great is that local arts groups such as the Young People’s Theater have the opportunity to use these venues for their performances. Imagine a child’s excitement of performing on the Hill or the Power Center stage.

As you wander the streets of Ann Arbor, remember the libraries filled with knowledge, streets inviting you to explore without the rush, trails whispering tales of adventure, museums invoking wonder, and concert venues harmonizing the arts – all these combine to weave Ann Arbor’s identity.

If you are interested in discovering if Ann Arbor would be a great place to live, please contact us. We are here to help and happy to have a no-obligation and confidential discovery conversation.


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