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Switch Over to Summer! June Maintenance Must-dos

Spring is almost over with summer just around the corner. It’s time to think about June home maintenance! Not sure where to begin? Get a head start preparing your home and garden for summer with help from this list of essential to-dos.

June Home Maintenance for Safety

June is National Safety Month, so let’s celebrate and jump right in with safety maintenance first!

1. Installing and Repairing Screens

dog sitting at screened door looking outside

Repair or replace any damaged screens to keep your home secure.

To keep cool and maintain airflow, now is the time to take down storm doors and windows and install screens to let summer breezes in. Check all of your home’s screens carefully and patch any holes. Even the smallest tear can let in mosquitoes or allow pets to escape!

2. Check Outdoor Play Equipment for Damage

Girl on swing

Check your play equipment for any damaged structures, decaying rope, or broken swings.

Wood, fastenings, and ropes can rot and disintegrate, making your outdoor play equipment a potential safety hazard. Check slides, swings, zip lines, and other play structures, and make repairs as needed.

3. Remove Standing Water Frequently

Standing water in a tire in a backyard

Emptying standing water will prevent mosquitos from laying their eggs and becoming a nuisance.

To keep mosquitoes at bay, check your property for standing water and empty it frequently. Even a small amount of water in a dish can become a nursery for mosquitoes. Also, double-check your planter pots and garden. Stagnant water can harbor parasites like Giardia, posing a hazard for pets.

4. Keep Cooling Systems Running Smoothly

Ceiling fan need summer home maintenance to get rid of winter dust

Be sure to dust your ceiling fans before needing to turn them on this summer to avoid scattering dust all over your belongings or flaring up allergies.

Thoroughly dust ceiling fans, schedule maintenance for home cooling systems, and install window air-conditioning units before the hot, humid weather.

5. Door Locks and Keys

Check all door locks and keys to make sure they are functioning

Houses shift in warmer weather and can displace your door jambs.

Misalignment happens to door jambs, especially in high-traffic areas. Houses expand and contract as the weather changes. Double-check that all your door locks and jambs are aligned, and replace keys or make repairs as needed to keep your home secure and weatherproof.

6. Outdoor Lighting and Sidewalks

Backyard lighting at night

Before having summertime guests, be sure to maintain all outdoor lighting and make sure all walkways are safe and accessible.

With more people coming and going for summer visits, make sure your outdoor lighting is bright and functional.  Check sidewalks and pathways for trip hazards like tree roots or gaps, misplaced pavers or bricks, and height variations. Be mindful and think about different people who might be using your walkways. Your great-aunt might require access in different ways than your toddler nephew.

7. Update First-Aid Kits and Emergency Supplies

Band aid on knee

Restock your first-aid kits and double-check all your emergency supplies before summertime activities begin.

A well-stocked first-aid kit will keep you prepared. Not sure what to include? Here is a checklist from the American Red Cross.

More June Home Maintenance Must-Dos

Now that we have finished up the safety maintenance, let’s move on to more general maintenance for the interior, exterior, and yard.

1. Keep an Eye on Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler in grass

Inspect your sprinklers and irrigation system once a week to catch problems early on.

Sprinklers and irrigation hoses can quickly cause huge problems for your home and garden if left unchecked. Be sure to check each component of your irrigation system once a week throughout the summer.

2. Reorganize your Kitchen and Lighten Up your Interior Decor

Light filled interior and rearranging appliances for June home maintenance

Add light-colored accent pieces and remove heavy rugs from your home for warmer weather.

Move small appliances that you use in the warmer months to a more accessible spot in your kitchen. Now is the time for your ice cream maker to shine! You could also set up a smoothie station with your blender. With a better arrangement, you will be more likely to get the best use from your summer appliances.

Bring out your cooling sheets for beds, roll up heavy rugs, and bring in light-colored accent pieces. Flowing curtains look cool in the summer, but in actuality, if the weather gets very hot, it is better to leave heavy window drapes in place so you will be able to close them for shade during the heat of the day.

3. Summer Energy Savings – Clothesline and Drying Rack

Hanging laundry up after getting from clothesline

Instead of using the dryer, try hanging your laundry on a clothesline or drying rack to save on energy and be more environmentally friendly.

Put your clothesline and drying rack to work! Even occasionally skipping the dryer will reduce your summer energy bill significantly. Not to mention it’s easier on the environment! Let the sun do the work for you for free. If hang-drying isn’t an option, you can still reduce energy costs by washing in cold water, frequently cleaning your lint trap, and having your dryer vent serviced to improve airflow.

4. Swap Winter Gear for Summer Gear and Make Repairs

People repairing their bike for summer weather

Getting repairs finished to your fair-weather outdoor equipment now will prevent surprises when it’s time to play.

Swap heavy winter coats for camping gear, sporting equipment, and swimsuits. Clean up your summer gear now to avoid surprises like a ripped tent or spiders in your kayak. If you plan to waterproof anything, do it now so you’re ready to go. Have a basket near the door for last-minute items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug repellent.

5. Clean Gutters and Schedule Large Outdoor Projects

Custom built raised garden beds

If you are planning to do any large-scale projects in your home or garden this summer, be sure to schedule soon as contractors and landscapers are very busy this time of year.

Landscaper and contractor schedules are busy right now, so don’t delay in scheduling any large outdoor projects you would like to complete during fair weather.

If you did not get your gutters cleaned in spring, make sure to prioritize this on your June home maintenance list. Debris can clog gutters and lead to siding damage on your home and many other issues.

6. Clean out the Garage

Getting rid of stuff in June for a yard sale

After cleaning out your garage and shed, you can donate items or have a yard sale.

People spend more time in outdoor spaces during summer, so take some time now to clean up your storage areas. Drop off special recycling items and hazardous waste at a designated disposal center, sell or donate what you don’t need, and organize everything that’s left into household tools, garden tools and supplies, sports gear, and outdoor adventure equipment.

Pobody’s Nerfect! (Nobody’s Perfect)

Chances are there are a few home maintenance projects you’ve been meaning to finish. Why not make June the month to get caught up? If you have questions about contractors or any repairs around the house please contact us.

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