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The Life Forces That Cause People to Move

First of all, if we have been able to serve you, THANK YOU! We really appreciate the opportunity to help you and your family live the best life possible in the home of your dreams!

We know it is a lot of work to make a housing change and we know that most people do not move for fun or profit but because a strong life force is encouraging, or demanding that move!



Main Reasons Why People Move

  1. Tired of renting/apartment living/living with mom and dad. You want your place with a yard for the dog, where you don’t have to hear the neighbors or smell their cooking! You moved one too many times in the last several years and are tired of the landlord raising the rent or making you move because they decided to sell. Or, you are in your mid to late 20’s or 30’s and you are still living at home. You are saving tons of money but it is now time to fly!  Millennials, this is you! You are now the biggest group of home buyers now and you will be shaping the housing industry for years to come.
  2. Expanding family. You are having a baby and need the room for child #1 or #2 or #3 or…
  3. More space. The kids are getting bigger. They take up more space, they need their own rooms, they need a music room, homework room, or playroom. As kids, they just take up more space and the house feels smaller.
  4. Smaller Family. Maybe the kids have moved away. It looks like they are not moving back again either! After a couple of false starts, the economy is good now, they have good jobs, got married, and they have their feet under them on their own. Now, it is just mom and dad rattling around in the big old family house.
  5. Moving to be closer to family. Mom and dad want to be close to the kids and grandkids. Not next door, of course, but in the area. They want low maintenance housing such as a condo or a new, efficient single-family home, preferably on one level, close to shopping. Lower township taxes outside of the city are a big plus, too.
  6. Age and Health. Sadly, people get old, people get sick, and people pass away. If we are fortunate, we can stay in our homes as we age. We can get the assistance that allows us to “age in place” and not have to move into much more expensive assisted living. This often requires the ability to live on one level, some degree of accessibility and other floor planning considerations. Oftentimes, a current floor plan can be altered. However, many times, a new home with handicap accessibility and age in place features is required.
  7. Work Commute. When we hold open houses at our Ann Arbor real estate listings, we see many people that work in Ann Arbor – at the University Michigan, the U of M Health System, or a technology company who are tired of the commute. The commute time is getting longer as the economy grows and this is a quality of life issue. Overwhelmingly, people are looking for walkable, safe, friendly neighborhood living. These factors are paramount in driving a housing decision.
  8. More Amenities.  Move up buyers! You have the income and the savings to build or buy exactly what you want.  New construction is your preference for an existing home.
  9. Student Housing. U of M housing for three to five years:- you want a safe manageable housing situation for your child at U of M. Either to purchase or to lease. Must be an easy walk, bike or bus ride to the U of M campus.

These are a handful of the reasons people buy housing of one form or another. Most of these have nothing to do with profit and, in many instances, these are not fun moves. But, with the collaboration of your Piperpartners agent, you can get through whatever move life throws at you, whenever it comes at you. Contact us anytime and we’ll help make your next move as hassle-free as it can be.


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