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How to Create a Counterbalanced Life

At Keller Williams’ Family Reunion conference last week, the first main stage presentation, entitled “Quantum Leap”, was by none other than Gary Keller himself. This highly anticipated event had nearly every seat filled and was live-streamed to hundreds of market centers around the world. This is a big jump from the last time Keller presented Quantum Leap at Family Reunion. Back in 2012, the convention was half the size it is today with only 8,500 attendees and you had to physically be in the room to catch the wisdom!


The Goal of Quantum Leap = A Counterbalanced Life

The goal of Quantum Leap is to rethink what many of us accept to be the natural progression of life. The traditional approach is to separate education, work and retirement into three distinct, linear stages. Keller proposes an alternate approach: “Learning, working, and playing are all essential parts of a whole life and should take place throughout life.”

The challenge is that successfully counterbalancing these three essential parts of life is up against three major obstacles:

  1. Our lack of understanding of who we are
  2. Our lack of habits and discipline
  3. Our lack of intentional development of key relationships


Understanding Who You Are

To obtain a truly abundant life, you need to inspect yourself starting from the inside out. After all, what you think determines what you do. And what you do determines who you are.

To build a life with great purpose, Keller says that you need to first stop and establish your personal mission, vision, values, beliefs, and perspective. These will serve as a filter for the decisions that you will face throughout your life.

Equally as important is the need to have a Big Why. To help illustrate the importance of this, Keller brought to the stage KW Mega Agent Ben Kinney, who shared the story about his difficult upbringing in rural Washington.

Kinney shared that his life today is a direct result of his childhood and his struggle to succeed – despite factors beyond his control.

According to Keller, people that have a drive that exceeds what they have is because they have a Big Why. Especially when it’s a Big Why that was given to them. “My Big Why was proving that I could do something because I had been labeled as the poor kid who stuttered,” said Kinney. Today, he is an investor in five market centers which cumulatively produce $2.45M in profit. Kinney also owns a real estate team that operates in 10 locations and closed a total of 992 transactions in 2016.


The Use of Discipline to Form Habits

Once you establish your guiding principles and understand who you are and what you want, you can begin working on the principles that lead to success. They are:

  1. Commit to self-mastery at something.
  2. Focus on the 20 percent that matters most.
  3. Move from “E” to “P” on the 20 percent.
  4. Make being learning-based the foundation of your action plan.
  5. Remove any limiting beliefs.
  6. Be accountable.

According to Keller, most people get the words “discipline” and “habit” confused. Discipline is when you’re able to get yourself to act in a certain way when you don’t do it naturally, while a habit is what being disciplined brings you over time. “I am not necessarily disciplined,” said Keller. “But I am a person of very specific habits.” And that’s what has driven him to success.

There are six life disciplines which an individual should be self-aware of: self, spiritual, physical, time, money, and growth.

The more disciplined you are, the quicker and easier you’ll find that you’re able to form a habit. And this is key because powerful habits are what success is built on.

Success is not about doing everything, but about doing the RIGHT things.


Developing Key Relationships

A truly wealthy person has five key types of relationships that influence them in a different way. Keller went over these five relationships:

  1. Mentors and Role Models – You can, and should, have different role models for the different aspects of your life including physical, spiritual, financial and career.
  1. The Person You Determine Wealth For – The amount of money you make early in your life is irrelevant, but who you work with and how much they’ll teach and invest in you is more important than anything. Don’t build someone else’s fortune if they won’t care for you.
  1. Love – Relationships with friends and family are a top priority, and deserve your time and devotion.
  1. Top Five Wealth Determiners – Find individuals who can help you achieve a mutual vision and free yourself to do other things. Start with one.
  1. Top 25 Allied Resources – These are the individuals that essentially work for you. Don’t write checks to people who don’t do amazing work.


Putting These Principles into Action

“Why are you here?” Keller asked the Family Reunion audience at the end of his presentation. “My hope is that you’re here to improve your life professionally, financially and personally,” he said. Keller recommended that each person reflect on the things that, if they mastered, would change their life. He advised that they should build their Family Reunion schedule around this list.

“You won’t be able to attend everything, but you will be able to get the information you need to take your life to the next level,” Keller concluded.

So tell us, what’s on your schedule?

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