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Preferred Vendor: Lee Brown of Keystone Building Company

Lee Brown

Owner: Keystone Building Company

The PiperPartners Team preferred vendor.


leebrown5Lee Brown is truly a jack of all trades. As a general contractor, he performs all sorts of home repairs on both residential and commercial properties.

For residential properties, his expertise includes:

  • Bath renovations and repairs
  • New deck construction
  • Window and door replacement
  • Dry walling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fixture replacement

For commercial properties, he does general repairs, as well as property maintenance evaluations.

Lee is The PiperPartners Team’s go-to person when it’s time for sellers to get their homes ready for market, and for buyers looking for home inspection repairs.

Lee is efficient with his time, and is highly skilled at bringing objective viewpoints to provide solutions to clients’ challenges. He is knowledgeable about building codes, and can ensure his work will hold up over time.

I trusted him. He under-promised and over-delivered, and his estimate was right on point. I trusted Lee with repairs on my home, and I can highly recommend his work.

– Josh Morast


You can reach Lee at (734) 320-5185 or

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