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7 Reasons To Sell Your Home in Fall and Winter

Is it better to build or buy a house?

Here are 7 reasons to sell your home in the fall and winter. While many people think Michigan homes sell best in the spring and summer, there are several reasons why the fall and winter months are still a great time to put your home on the market. There are fewer sellers to compete with, and the most committed buyers are still in the market and trying to get into a home before the upcoming spring.

Decreased Competition

Realtors generally see about 65% more listings in the spring and summer than during the rest of the year. While this indicates spring and summer are good times to do real estate transactions, it also means you’ll encounter more seller competition. While it has been a seller’s market for the last few years, we are starting to see inventory increasing, and homes are sitting on the market longer, especially homes in higher price ranges. Come spring and summer, this increase in supply may drive prices down. When you list your home in the fall and winter you decrease the likelihood of an oversaturated seller’s market decreasing the sale price of your home.

January Is New Job Season

More job postings occur and more new employees are hired in January than any other month of the year. There are, on average, 30% more new employee hires in January than in December. Buyers who are switching jobs often need to get into homes quickly and don’t have the luxury of waiting for warm summer months to move. In the winter, with fewer homes to look at shorter buyer time tables, you as the seller have a good chance of getting your home closed quickly and efficiently once the right buyer finds your home.

More Motivated Buyers

Because people looking to buy in the fall and winter months are generally looking because they need to move (see #2), they are often more serious and better qualified. Summer buyers are often shopping around and will look at many homes before making a choice, but winter buyers come prepared to make a swift decision so they can get into a home before their first day in their new job.

The Price Is Right

Marketing your home in the fall gives you more time to get the price you deserve. Less inventory means the price of your home won’t be driven down right off the bat, and motivated, qualified buyers are more likely to make offers closer to your listing price. Your home may sit on the market a little longer in the fall, due to the sheer number of buyers being smaller, but this isn’t always a bad thing when you end up getting your home sold at a higher price in the end.

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Holiday Home Showing

The holiday season provides a great opportunity to dress up your home and showcase it at its finest. Create a warm and cozy environment by lighting candles, displaying seasonal decorations, and baking festive treats that make your home more agreeable to all of the five senses. Additionally, fall pictures are some of the most beautiful exterior pictures taken all year. If you have trees that turn bright red, yellow and orange, get listing pictures taken before it’s too late!

Selling in the Winter Means First Pick Of Homes In the Spring

If you need to sell before you buy, listing your home in the fall/winter means you will be ready right out of the gate before the rush of buyers hits in the spring. Avoid costly bidding wars, by finding your dream home before most people have even come out of hibernation. If you wait to list until the spring, you may find yourself looking at homes in late summer after the best homes from the spring listing rush have already been plucked off the market.

Home Buyers Search Online

Gone are the days of driving around neighborhoods and scouring the daily paper for new home listings. 50% of buyers will find the home they buy online, and most people use at least one online home search tool before they go out and look at homes in person. This means that, no matter the season, people are able to look at listings from the comfort of their homes and workplaces, and are ready to buy when they find the right home. Having an agent that has a strong online marketing presence will put you ahead of the competition by helping fall/winter buyers find your home faster.

With less competition, more qualified and serious buyers, and a large number of job transfers, there’s no doubt that fall and winter are still great times to list and sell your home. So if its fear of frozen buyer opportunities that’s keeping you from listing, you may want to reconsider for all the reasons listed above. If you are still unsure or want to get the ball rolling on listing your home, we are here to answer all questions and to walk you more thoroughly through all of the opportunities fall and winter may present.

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