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189 Step Marketing Formula

Here’s where the rubber hits the road and good agents get separated from the great agents. No matter how beautiful your home looks, how well it’s staged, or how carefully it’s prepared for showings, if it’s not marketed properly to get it in front of the right group of buyers– you’ve got very little chance of extracting top dollar for it (which is your goal after all!)

The rule of thumb when it comes to marketing a house is – it’s not the quantity of people you advertise your house to – it’s the quality. If you happen to own a sprawling ranch-style home in a great school district, but your marketing campaign is missing its target audience and attracting “unqualified buyers” or getting in front of the wrong people (e.g. empty-nesters looking to downsize), it’s going to take you a lot longer to sell your house.

The best, most effective marketing is when your prospective buyers fall in love with your house – even before they’ve seen it. Every human on the planet – is hard-wired to buy based on emotions and then justify with logic. Your buyer hasn’t even step foot inside your house yet and already they can imagine what their life will be like living there.

As Mark Twain once famously said, “The difference between the right word and just any word is like the difference between lightning and lightning bug.” Using the right ad copy to attract your target prospect is just one step of your marketing process.

Over the last ten years I have developed my own proprietary marketing system for selling houses, called the PiperPartner’s Marketing Formula™, which has proven itself again and again to be the single biggest point of differentiation between PiperPartners and others. I’m not one to brag but our marketing system is so successful that others hold meetings specifically to discuss our marketing strategies.

Our online marketing strategies consistently attract the highest click through rates and our listings always appear in the top listings on Google. Our website has thousands of search engine optimized pages – the most of any real estate team in South East Michigan (if you don’t believe me just try googling any real estate search terms for Ann Arbor, Saline, Chelsea or Dexter real estate and you’ll see at least one of our pages in the top rankings!)

Our PiperPartners Marketing Formula™ involves 189 different steps that combine both cutting-edge digital and offline, traditional advertising.

Here’s a quick view of what we do when we market your house:

  • We start by building a “buyer’s profile” – by that I mean we identify the target market that is most likely to buy your house. For example, a family with three young kids, empty-nester couples in their fifties-seventies who are looking to down size, newly married/shacked up couples looking to buy their first home together, resident doctors, etc.
  • Next we develop content to specifically appeal to this identified group of buyers – to the exclusion of all others. This may seem counter-intuitive. You’re not alone if you think that by making your house appeal to as many different groups of people as possible you have greater chance of selling it. That’s a big mistake and frankly that’s why most real estate ads are so ineffective. They all sound the same and by trying to be general enough to appeal to everyone they end up appealing to no one in particular.
  • We take professional photos of your home that help evoke emotion and show your home in its best light – and bring out the features we have identified for your ideal buyers. We’ll take as many photos as necessary – often more than 50 – using top-of-the-line professional photographic equipment.
  • We will create a custom virtual tour page on that is the showcase for everything your property has to offer – We will add video, floor plans, dimensions, related documents and anything else we feel adds to the presentation of your property.
  • We create a “buyer’s package” for prospective buyers – an information kit all about your home, again highlighting all its best features and any important/useful facts that a buyer would like to know when they tour your property.
  • Now we get really busy. We use a combination of print media and more than 500 different online media channels to place ads in front of your prospective buyers.
  • We reach out to your neighbors with post card mailings, we call around our listings, and we market to the thousands of registered users of our site who have identified an interest in similar properties.

Of course there’s a lot more to it than that but we can’t disclose the “secret sauce” of our PiperPartners Marketing Formula™. The bottom line is that no one is better at marketing your house online than we are (we have one of the largest, most comprehensive real estate websites in the mid-west at over 3000 pages – and our digital marketing is so cutting edge many of our competitors hold meetings just to try and figure out what we’re doing!)

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