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De-stress Your Home: 8 Ways to Create a more peaceful environment at home.

1. Declutter and Organize Your Home

A place for everything and everything in its place. We have heard this our whole lives and it is true, it makes life a lot easier. One problem is that we have accumulated too much stuff so that we have a difficult time keeping things in their places. Now that the weather is warming, do some spring cleaning and give away unused and unneeded stuff. Give it to a community organization that can really use it or turn it into cash to help out people in need.

With less stuff, really look at the things you do use every day and think about organizing these items for quick access – keys, coats, shoes, purses, sunglasses, etc. How much time is spent chasing around looking for keys and sunglasses – it adds up to additional time and stress that can be eliminated.

2. Hire a cleaning service to come in and do a deep cleaning

Treat yourself once a season (more often if you can afford it) to having your home professionally cleaned. Unless you are a total cleaning machine, hiring a professional service to clean your home will take it to a higher level of clean and impart a sense of calm to your home. Do this AFTER you have decluttered and given away unused items.

3. Invest in a high-quality mattress

One of the main culprits of poor sleep is body pain. Some people don’t realize their mattress may be too hard or too soft or just plain worn out. Since we spend roughly 1/3rd of our life in bed, it makes sense to prioritize having the right mattress high on the list.

These days you can get some great mattresses for reasonable prices online. Check out for reviews of some of the online suppliers. is a company that I have used that I totally recommend. They deliver and set up as well.

4. Ban electronics from the bedroom

The bedroom is best reserved for relaxing, sleeping and amorous activity! Let your bedroom be your peaceful sanctuary. Bring in soft lighting, candles and essential oil defusers instead of electronics. Experts agree that with few exceptions, televisions, computers, tablets and phones only act as a wedge separating couples in the bedroom and are best left checked at the door.

5. Get the right lamps and lighting.

Lighting makes a huge difference in a home. Make sure you have the right type of lighting and light bulbs for their intended use. Make sure you have full-spectrum light bulbs that offer the right amount of light for the task. Make use of dimmer switches to help integrate soothing lighting into a room.

6. Create a personal space

It’s important for each of us to have a physical space where we can spend time away from others. This doesn’t have to be a formal space; it can simply be a lounge chair or a couch somewhere in the house – anywhere that enables you to relax and quiet your thoughts.

7. Schedule “Me” time each day

Make it a habit each day to sit and relax by yourself for as few as 15 minutes. I find very early in the morning works for me – it is quiet time and I make it a point not to check my email or turn on the computer.

Take up a relaxation practice such as reading, journaling, simple breathing, yoga, meditating, knitting or listening to music. Both anecdotal and empirical evidence seems to suggest that regular time devoted to mindfulness meditation can help you feel better, think better and work better.

Knitting may be the best relaxation activity of them all. A recent study conducted by Wool and the Gang  showed that 68 percent of respondents found knitting helped them overcome stress while a whopping 97 percent of people felt happier not while doing yoga or meditating, but while knitting.

8. Take action

For many people, financial pressures are a major source of stress. Taking action to address the issue can help you feel more in control of the situation, and this – in turn – could help lessen your stress. Possible action steps include creating a budget, reviewing your bills and expenses at a set time each week, increasing your savings and exploring ways to earn more income.


photo by abbamouse on flickr

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