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Ann Arbor’s 23 Tastiest Food Treats

We really dig this article from Tashween Ali at BuzzFeed on some of Ann Arbor’s most unique and tasty offerings.

Numbers 6 and 17 are some of our favorites!

Creative Commons/ Minyoung Song/ Zingerman’s

1. Truffle Fries @ Jolly Pumpkin

(Right next door to The Perk and Trio on Main Street neighborhoods)

Truffle Fries @ Jolly Pumpkin

If you could have just one memory in life, it should be the taste of Jolly Pumpkin’s truffle fries dipped in rosemary aioli melting in your mouth. OK, fine. You should remember your friends and family first. But then truffle fries.

2. BiBimBop @ Kang’s

(A stone’s throw from The Armory and The Brownstones)

BiBimBop @ Kang's

NOTHING, NOTHING is more comforting than a hot stone bowl BiBimBop at Kang’s, topped with a perfect runny egg, and doused in gochujang, glorious Korean hot sauce.

3. Gyro @ Ahmo’s

(Right across the street from Sloan Plaza Condos)

Gyro @ Ahmo's

A quick Ahmo’s gyro with chicken and lamb will ALWAYS make you happier than a fancy schmancy sit-down dinner.

4. Hippie Hash @ Fleetwood Diner

(A quick jaunt from Liberty Lofts)

Hippie Hash @ Fleetwood Diner

Jennifer Heigl / Via

When you crave genuine rude diner service with your hangover brunch, come to Fleetwood. Hippie Hash—hash browns topped with grilled tomato, green pepper, onion, mushroom, and broccoli with feta cheese—will cure all your problems.

5. Duck @ The Earle

(Just a few blocks from Mayer Schairer and 111 N. Ashley – Ashley Terrace)

Duck @ The Earle

Clover / Via

Go to The Earle and order the most tender, succulent duck for a fancy schmancy dinner that WILL make you happy.

6. Fritas @ Frita Batidos

(Within walking distance of the Old West Side)

Fritas @ Frita Batidos

Frita Batidos is the Cuban inspired burgers and shakes joint of your dreams. They take a spin on the traditional Cuban burgers usually made with spicy chorizo and served with shoe string fries— Here you can select from chorizo, black bean, chicken, fish, or beef. In between bites, sip on a cajeta or coconut cream batido AKA tropical milkshake.

7. Pizza @ Mani Osteria

(Near Tower Plaza Condominiums)

Pizza @ Mani Osteria

You can grab a slice of wood fired nationally acclaimed pizza. But anything on the Mani Osteria menu is a win, including the handcrafted pappardelle bolognese—I have friends who would literally give up their second-born child for a lifetime supply of that sauce.

8. Fish & Chips @ Monahan’s Seafood

(A Kerrytown classic!)

Fish & Chips @ Monahan's Seafood

Flickr: ellenm1 / Creative Commons

Monahan’s makes you feel like you’re in a New England seafood market (but you’re still in Kerrytown—You’re here after perusing the Farmer’s Market, after all). Order the fish and chips and ask to make your chips Cajun. Trust me.

9. Coffee @ Comet Coffee

(Bordering Tower Plaza Condominiums)

Coffee @ Comet Coffee

Flickr: bagaball / Creative Commons

Everyone — especially coffee Instagrammers and aficionados — will find a caffeinated beverage to love at Comet Coffee. With pour-over, French press, and siphon coffee, the cup of Joe here is on par with big city coffee houses. Plus, good pastries (from Pastry Peddler, below). Not too shabby.

10. Croissants @ Pastry Peddler

(An easy walk from Burns Park Elementary Neighborhood, Burns Park Condominiums, and Ives Woods)

Croissants @ Pastry Peddler

Pastry Peddler / Via

You thought no one else knew about Pastry Peddler, the tiny bakery hidden on south campus, that has wee early hours and closes by 3 p.m. You wish. Its freshly baked goods flourish throughout Ann Arbor’s many coffee shops (like Comet, above), serving Wolverines the flakiest, yummiest almond and chocolate croissants imaginable.

11. Brunch @ Selma Cafe

Brunch @ Selma Cafe

Myra Klarman / Via

If you could start your Friday morning at a local-foods breakfast party cooked by volunteer chefs to support the local farming economy, wouldn’t that rule?

On a weekly basis for five years, Lisa Gottlieb, co-founder of Selma Cafe, hosted that party in her home. Two hundred-plus visitors come through to eat a seasonal meal with new and old friends (with name tags and all) for a suggested donation. All the revenue goes to pay for ingredients bought locally and the rest to fund micro-loans for the local farms. Since April 2013, Lisa no longer regularly hosts brunches due to zoning issues. But Selma Cafe still goes strong with the support of the community. Currently the Cafe is serving breakfast on a monthly basis in Sunward Cohousing’s common house kitchen. Happy fifth birthday, Selma!

12. Colliders @ Rod’s Diner

(Nearby Burns Park Elementary Neighborhood, Burns Park Condominiums, and Ives Woods)

Colliders @ Rod's Diner

Laura / Via

Colliders are the legendary frozen yogurt at Rod’s Korean diner where you get to dump a bunch of ridiculously good toppings in a plastic party cup. Yes, the cookie dough is REAL.

13. The Quad @ Blimpy Burger

The Quad @ Blimpy Burger

Jeffrey Smith / Via Flickr: jmsmith000 / Creative Commons

The famous Blimpy Burger where you decide: Single, double, triple, quad, or — wait, for it — quint hamburger patties? Cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, and/or fried egg?

Super-sad news that it recently closed shop for new university development. BUT, rest assured, the people will have their quad back in a new location soon. On the last day of service at the iconic “polar bear snow” storefront, there was a line of devotees as long as the line for cronuts. But actually worth the wait.

14. Ethiopian Feast @ The Blue Nile

Ethiopian Feast @ The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile / Via

Mop up delicious Ethiopian stews, lentils, and veggies with rolls and rolls of spongy injera bread at The Blue Nile. This feast also comes with limitless spiced Ethiopian tea — cinnamon, rose hips, orange, and lemon peel. Did I mention it’s all. You. Can. Eat? It’s a bit pricy, but you’re paying to feel “cultured” anyway, right?

15. Lobster Bisque @ Le Dog

Lobster Bisque @ Le Dog

Laura / Via

You have a small window of opportunity (11:30–2 p.m. or before the soup runs out) to get a cup of rich lobster bisque at the Le Dog hotdog stand. When it happens, you’ll feel SO PROUD.

16. Muffins @ Afternoon Delight

Muffins @ Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight / Via Facebook: 33929081242

Just look at this muffin! Waiting in line for breakfast at Afternoon Delight is worth that muffin. (Eggs benedict, pancakes, frozen yogurt with fruit are also worthy contenders.)

17. Falafel @ Jerusalem Garden

Falafel @ Jerusalem Garden

Jerusalem Garden / Via

The state of Michigan has no shortage of decent falafel with Dearborn as the largest Arab population in America, but eating these crispy, perfectly seasoned falafel at Jerusalem Garden is a holy experience.

18. Mac & Cheese @ Sava’s

Mac & Cheese @ Sava's

Annie Madole / Via

Sava’s is the ultimate comfort food destination where the sides are even better than the main. Order the mac and cheese with sweet potato fries and you’ll have nothing to complain about for the next 20 minutes of your life.

19. Wuxi Ribs @ Asian Legends

Wuxi Ribs @ Asian Legends

Taiwanese night market in this little old town? Though it’s not exactly the same as an urban street market, Asian Legends lets you choose from a long list of traditional Taiwanese snacks like pork dumplings and beef wrapped in scallion pancakes. Most popular item: Wuxi ribs, which are fall-off-the-bone, barbecue ribs.

20. Red Mole @ Prickly Pear

Red Mole @ Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear / Via

Anything with red mole on the Prickly Pear menu is mouthwatering. This means: You MUST TRY house special chicken poblano rellenos.

21. Cocktails @ Ravens Club

Cocktails @ Ravens Club

It’s impossible to have a bad drink at Ravens Club. They make innovative cocktails with housemade TRC bitters, while perfecting classics like the original hand-pulled old fashioned. Stellar nonalcoholic drinks too — housemade ginger beer for the win.

22. Pesto Waffle Fries @ Ashley’s

Pesto Waffle Fries @ Ashley's

Wajiha Ibrahim / LEAD Magazine / Via Flickr: wibrahim

Ashley’s, home of THE WORLD’S BEST CRAFT BEER as its fiercely loyal fans will tell you, also has amazing pub fare like these PESTO waffle fries.

23. Reuben @ Zingerman’s

Reuben @ Zingerman's

Did you really think you could escape this list without a Zingerman’s mention? Even Oprah digs the deli. Must try the Reuben. And yep, it actually lives up to the hype.

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