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Great Home or Great Commute?

It's no secret that commute time and traffic have both becom...
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RADON: What It Is and Why It’s a Problem

Among the concerns that homeowners face is kno...
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Overcoming Barriers to Home Ownership

While some of the barriers to homeownership are...
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Replace Your Home Ownership Fears with Facts

Although there are many great reasons to...
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Tips for Dog Owners: Buying a Dog-Friendly Home

Puppies and babies are probably the tw...
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Preferred Vendor: Mary Adams of New American Funding

Mary Adams Area Manager: New American Funding The Piper...
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Tips for Finding Your Next Home

Sometimes finding your next home can seem like a daun...
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FHA Financing For Condominiums

by Mary Adams If you own a condominium in Washtenaw...
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