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Working Hard to Be YOUR Trusted Real Estate Advisor in 2018

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Piperpartners Team recently held its 2018 planning meeting at the A2Y Chamber of Commerce offices in Ann Arbor and committed to taking the actions necessary to be the real estate team of choice for more than 100 Washtenaw County families in the coming year. For us,  2018 started on November 15th and our plans and initiatives for next year are well underway already.



Each year we devote a day to  carefully review our goals and commitments. Not just the numbers, budget, and so on, but, more importantly, the activities, habits, and team culture we choose to live by each day so we can be the best real estate agents, family members, teammates and community supporters.

On this day, we look at what could derail our efforts – slow us down – and how we can avoid or minimize these pitfalls. We talk about the possible consequences of not taking the identified actions. What is the cost to ourselves, our families, the team, clients, and community?

We believe you can go anywhere and have a job, but it is very difficult to be part of a work environment where each person has a leadership responsibility to both the team and our clients to build the best business possible. By doing this, we believe we have MORE TO OFFER our clients and each other!

Conquering the Big Rocks

These are the “Big Rocks” we worked on at our meeting this year.

Servant Leadership.This is our style of selling. Led by Kirk Lee, MAPS Mastery Coach. By putting the needs of others first and helping people develop and perform as highly as possible, we can improve ourselves and the lives of our families, our team, and our clients, making all the difference in our quality of life.

Piperpartners Core Values. This defines how we work every day. Led by Maggie Cease, Piperpartners, Team Development. We connected our personal vision statements to personal values, and then to the team core values. We updated the Piperpartners core values for 2018 and reviewed how our personal values fit into the team as a whole.

2018 Marketing and Technology Strategy. This is how we create value for home buyers, sellers, and agents. Led by Brianna Valesskey, Marketing and Technology Director.  In 2018, real estate is a technology business! Successful real estate teams require a tremendous online presence with people being able to say “we see you everywhere”.  Also key is cutting edge customer service systems that have us answering our client’s and agent’s questions before they are asked. Having these systems in place allows us to attract the very best talent to work on our team and be effective and efficient in serving our clients.

Commitment to Mastering Our Craft:  This is the foundation of our success. Many real estate agents get into the business because it allows “flexibility and freedom”. We believe it is structure and commitment to scheduled, daily activities that creates success – and freedom. Our business plan calls for a lot of structure and commitment to prospecting so we can match buyers and sellers in a very competitive marketplace as well as a commitment to learning, training, practicing, and developing our skills daily so we can effectively market and sell homes for home sellers and find homes for buyers in a difficult seller’s market! We become more effective and achieve more success!

Ready for 2018!

We are ready for 2018! What can we do to earn your business and the business of your friends family and colleagues in the coming year? Please let us know in the comments below or by contacting us directly anytime. 

Andy Piper

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