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A Note from Andy: An Update on our Partnership with Ozone House

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Ozone House Ann Arbor MI

The PiperPartnerss Team has exceeded our goal, donating in excess of $3,000 to Ozone House through closing gifts made on behalf of our real estate clients.

I am pleased to announce that the PiperPartners Team has exceeded the goal we set last July to fund 10 Move-In Kits for Ozone House at a cost of approximately $3,000.  A Move-In Kit contains everything a young adult needs to successfully transition into a place of their own: basic kitchen, bath, bedroom supplies, and other important items, and each one costs about $300.


As of the end of April, the PiperPartners Team has donated $3,170 to Ozone House from real estate closings on behalf of our clients. Additionally, many of our clients have taken the lead and have donated to Ozone House through our online donation form. We are especially grateful to our clients for making these donations possible by allowing us to serve them and entrusting us with their real estate needs.


Ozone House provides a crucial function in our community by helping vulnerable, at-risk teens to lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services.


Many of us reading this are fortunate to have grown up under great circumstances with necessary money, food, shelter and love and nurturing. We may forget or not know how tough it is for those that do not have these things in their lives. Additionally, so much of homelessness and suffering that teens face takes place out of sight and “under the radar.”


Ozone House Donation Tracker - Piperpartners

The funds will go toward Move-In Kits for young adults.

Ozone House points out that homeless youth are often invisible. In Washtenaw County, we don’t see many youth sleeping on sidewalks, but we know there are over 2.5 million homeless youth in America and approximately 1300 in Washtenaw County each year. These youth often move from one relative – without adequate resources to care for them – to another. They often couch surf: sleeping on friends’ couches until they outstay their welcome, only to live on another friend’s couch for a short time, and may never acquire the resources they need to find stability.


Homelessness frequently means a lack of safe, stable, reciprocal relationships as well as vulnerability to dangers such as physical assault, sexual assault, or human trafficking.


We feel a heartfelt warmth and gratitude to be able to assist Ozone House in their mission while being fully aligned with our PiperPartners Team Mission: To improve lives by delivering 5-star real estate service with the highest levels of competence, trust, and integrity and be known as connected, compassionate, and giving leaders in the communities we serve.

The PiperPartners Team: Andy (center) and (from left to right) Maggie, Dori, Tanya, Mariah, Ashley, and Rebecca.

My hope is that we can do much much more in the future to help organizations such as Ozone House through donations and also the awareness we can create with our client base and marketing reach. We know that when we help others we help ourselves!


If you are reading this, I hope you will take the time to look further at the work Ozone House is doing and consider making a donation through our online donation form.


Have a question or a comment about our partnership with Ozone House? I’d be happy to hear it! Please give me a call at (734)845-9700 or leave a comment below.


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