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Ypsilanti Neighborhoods

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Amberly Grove Amberly Grove Residential 3 Active Listings 76 Sold Listings
Ashford Village Ashford Village Residential 2 Active Listings 50 Sold Listings
Aspen Ridge Village Aspen Ridge Village Condo 0 Active Listings 39 Sold Listings
Autumn Woods Autumn Woods Condo 0 Active Listings 5 Sold Listings
Bellemeade Bellemeade Residential 15 Active Listings 65 Sold Listings
Bromley Park Bromley Park Residential 12 Active Listings 53 Sold Listings
Bromley Park Condominiums Bromley Park Condominiums Condo 6 Active Listings 5 Sold Listings
Brookside Brookside Residential 16 Active Listings 56 Sold Listings
Chateau Vert Chateau Vert Condo 0 Active Listings 12 Sold Listings
Cliffs on the Bay Cliffs on the Bay Condo 11 Active Listings 133 Sold Listings
College Heights College Heights Residential 11 Active Listings 94 Sold Listings
Creekside Village South Creekside Village South Residential 1 Active Listing 27 Sold Listings
Creekside Village West Creekside Village West Residential 10 Active Listings 52 Sold Listings
Crystal Pond Crystal Pond Condo 0 Active Listings 17 Sold Listings
Fairway Hills Fairway Hills Residential 1 Active Listing 22 Sold Listings
Ford Lake Heights Ford Lake Heights Residential 5 Active Listings 72 Sold Listings
Ford Lake Village Ford Lake Village Residential 4 Active Listings 52 Sold Listings
Georgetown Georgetown Condo 3 Active Listings 42 Sold Listings
Glennborough Glennborough Residential 4 Active Listings 18 Sold Listings
Greene Farms Greene Farms Residential 19 Active Listings 218 Sold Listings
Greenfields Greenfields Residential 0 Active Listings 9 Sold Listings
Huron Meadows Huron Meadows Condo 0 Active Listings 10 Sold Listings
Majestic Lakes Majestic Lakes Residential 2 Active Listings 31 Sold Listings
Meadowview Meadowview Residential 1 Active Listing 13 Sold Listings
Millpointe-Streamwood Millpointe-Streamwood Residential 14 Active Listings 143 Sold Listings
Normal Park Normal Park Residential 3 Active Listings 60 Sold Listings
Paint Creek Farms Paint Creek Farms Residential 1 Active Listing 60 Sold Listings
Parkside Preserve Parkside Preserve Residential 8 Active Listings 119 Sold Listings
Partridge Creek Partridge Creek Residential 8 Active Listings 104 Sold Listings
Prospect Park Prospect Park Condo 2 Active Listings 44 Sold Listings
Prospect Pointe Prospect Pointe Residential 4 Active Listings 57 Sold Listings
Rivergrove Village Rivergrove Village Condo 15 Active Listings 14 Sold Listings
Silverleaf Silverleaf Residential 5 Active Listings 50 Sold Listings
The Preserves The Preserves Residential 9 Active Listings 47 Sold Listings
Tremont Park Tremont Park Residential 1 Active Listing 36 Sold Listings
Washtenaw Club Washtenaw Club Residential 12 Active Listings 202 Sold Listings
West Willow West Willow Residential 8 Active Listings 142 Sold Listings
Whispering Meadows Whispering Meadows Residential 34 Active Listings 39 Sold Listings